Friday, March 18, 2011

Lets Start with C++, My Favourite

Without any argument C++ is the most efficient, fast, flexible and interesting language that I've ever coded with.
Therefore with the grand opening of my 1st blog, I really would love to tell you about C++. As I know, it provides flexibility other than any other language because it has both the Object Oriented features and the memory concepts that we use in C which is the mother language of C++.

So,,lets talk a little bit about the history and the birth of C++. C++ was introduced to the world by Bjarne Stroustrup  at Bell Labs during 1983-1985 as an enhancement to the great C. And our subject C++s original name was "C with classes", but a little later it was named as C++ which is using all over the world and which is a leading, controversial and revolutionary language in the present world.

Lets start with it. This is for both the beginners and masters of C++ which flows as both the basic and advanced C++ concepts at the same time. For beginners, I'll be starting as "Lets step on to the amazing C++ world" and for ones who knows C++ basics, I'll be starting with "Advanced concepts of C++". So enjoy this series of posts and enjoy the world of C++.

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