Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lets step on to the amazing C++ world - Part 1 - Environment

Can a computer understand the language we speak? Can we directly give commands to the computer? In simple terms, can we communicate with the computer in our language? Simple answer is "NO". So, how can we communicate? Lets simply take an example, assume, we need to talk with a person who came from Siberia,, we don't know their language,, so how do we communicate? We gonna need a translator. So same as that, to communicate with the computer, we gonna need a translator. Because the language that the computer understands is, Binary Language. It's called the Machine language. There is another computer language type called assembly language (English-Like representing representing elementary computer operations) and we need assemblers (translator) to convert it to machine language.

Another language type is, High-Level languages. It's similar to English and uses common mathematical notations. There, a single statement accomplish substantial tasks. (Ex: TotalPay =  Payment + Bonus - Tax ). We need a translator programs (Compiler) to convert it to machine language or an interpreter which directly converts high level language programs.    

Computer program is a set of instructions that control the computer's processing of data. And C++ is a high level language which facilitates structured and disciplined approach to computer program design. And its an Object Oriented Language (We will discuss more on Object Orientation in future). To compile C++ programs you gonna need a compiler. A link to download a compiler is given below. If any problem occurs, please contact me by leaving a comment here. Download it and install it on your PC and we gonna need it from the next lesson.

Link to download a compiler :
Link 2 :

After installing, open the program by double clicking the Turbo C++ icon. The main layout of the Turbo C++ is described below.

                                 Click on the image to enlarge it.

You can write programs by making new file and save it as name.cpp (*important). And first Build it by clicking Build Button and check for errors. And debug if there are errors. And then run the program. Lets move on to the coding. And lets start with C++ from the next discussion. :)

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